FAQ & ABOUT & USER AGREEMENT for MPoster.com - Movie Posters Archive


Is MPoster.com a paid service?
No, it’s totally free.

How many employee does MPoster.com have?
Just me.  I’m the designer, content provider, accountant, director, actor, writer and owner of Mposter.com. Have fun! :)

How can you support MPoster.com?
You can share on social networks or if you have a website, you can write about me or add a link as link: “www.mposter.com” ,  desc: “Movie Posters”. I would be appreciated. (Donate section is coming soon! :) )

Using Agreement of MPoster.com (Read carefully)
MPoster.com shows posters for only presentation of movies at reasonable sizes (mostly at 586 pixels width).  Movie or poster producers have all rights of their posters. According to the law, you can’t use them without their permisson.  Therefore this site can not be responsible for any abusement or illegal using of posters which got by using this website.

You have the copyright of a poster and you demand it removed from MPoster.com. What should you do? (Read carefully)

You should send a mail by using CONTACT PAGE that containing document(s) that show(s) you are the real owner of poster’s rights. When you do this, the poster you specified with proof(s) on your mail will be deleted from mposter.com!

For further questions or requests : CONTACT

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